Our Fees

Please note that the legal contract for provision of our services is between the patient and the Medway Anaesthetic Group.
Some insurance companies may not reimburse our fees in full - in this case the patient will be liable for the shortfall.
Some insurance companies will not pay for additional post-operative pain relief procedures (e.g. epidurals and nerve blocks). These procedures often offer significant clinical advantages over traditional pain relieving drugs. If you have agreed to have one of these procedures with your Anaesthetist, there is a possibility your insurer will not pay. You should clarify this with your insurer in advance.
Please note that whenever you have a local anaesthetic block or epidural performed with a general anaesthetic for postoperative pain relief, you will be charged the "Procedure" fee for it rather than the "Anaesthetic" fee. This is because your Anaesthetist is actually performing the procedure.


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